OSAD Students Participate in SF Design Week

06 16, 2015

OSAD Students Participate in SF Design Week

Students from Olivet School of Art & Design (OSAD) took part in SF Design Week at Pier 27 Embarcadero in San Francisco, CA. Read more

04 21, 2015

Art and Design School Launching New Website

Olivet School of Art& Design (OSAD) is planning to launch a new website. The project is led by OSAD's Associate Dean, Hannah Lee, as she will collaborate with University...

03 27, 2015

Graduate Student Creates Website Timeline of Missions in China

Olivet School of Art and Design graduate students are expected to complete final projects that can help propel Christian Missions. For graduate student Yanhuan Zheng, she is currently working on a final design project that can support this generation of Christian Missionaries

03 13, 2015

OSAD Offers Free Design Workshops

Olivet School of Art & Design (OSAD) plans to offer free basic design workshops for Olivet University students at its San Francisco campus starting this week. OSAD professor Jieun Lee will teach the workshop series.

03 04, 2015

Olivet Design Alumna Creates Model for Riverside Campus

Olivet School of Art and Design alumna Ziwei Wang, has been working on the Olivet University Riverside Campus model and map with the school's Master Planning Committee.

01 21, 2015

New OSAD Library Resources Promote Art Interests

Olivet School of Art & Design (OSAD) library newly acquired over 1000 books in the subject area of Art History, Photography, Architecture, Modern Art, and Graphic Design.

11 13, 2014

OCAD Planning New On-Campus Art Gallery

Olivet University's Art and Design College held meetings to map out the future space for its new art gallery. In collaboration and sponsorship with Olivet College of Journalism Dean and former Olivet University president Dr. David Randolph, the new space will be named the David Randolph Art Center.

09 30, 2014

OCAD Launches New Portfolio Site

Graduates from the class of 2014 can now preview their latest works online with a new revamped portfolio website, showcasing student's work from the Olivet College of Art and Design, OCAD.

07 16, 2014

Art Exhibition Showcases Entrepreneurial Side of Design

After months of researching and refining, the design students from Olivet University's College of Art & Design placed their graduation design project on display at its annual graduate work exhibition.

04 28, 2014

Workshop Promotes Responsive Design

Students from Olivet University's College of Art and Design participated in an Adobe Photoshop workshop sponsored by the San Francisco chapter of AIGA. The event looked into designing responsive websites utilizing Photoshop and Edge tools.

03 06, 2014

Design Students Glimpse at Hand-Made Contemporary Art

Students from Olivet University's Art and Design College received a literal and conceptual viewing of abstract paintings by artist Robin Kandel at San Francisco's Andrea Schwartz Gallery.

01 23, 2014

Engaging Social Issues Through Design

Olivet University design students will look to showcase their final projects this year, with the common theme of addressing social issues via design. By combining research, interface, typography, and design elements,