New OCAD Library Resources Promote Art Interests

01 21, 2015

New OCAD Library Resources Promote Art Interests

Olivet College of Art & Design (OCAD) library newly acquired over 1000 books in the subject area of Art History, Photography, Architecture, Modern Art, and Graphic Design. Read more

11 13, 2014

OCAD Planning New On-Campus Art Gallery

Olivet University's Art and Design College held meetings to map out the future space for its new art gallery. In collaboration and sponsorship with Olivet College of Journalism Dean and former Olivet University president Dr. David Randolph, the new space will be named the David Randolph Art Center.

09 30, 2014

OCAD Launches New Portfolio Site

Graduates from the class of 2014 can now preview their latest works online with a new revamped portfolio website, showcasing student's work from the Olivet College of Art and Design, OCAD.

07 16, 2014

Art Exhibition Showcases Entrepreneurial Side of Design

After months of researching and refining, the design students from Olivet University's College of Art & Design placed their graduation design project on display at its annual graduate work exhibition.

04 28, 2014

Workshop Promotes Responsive Design

Students from Olivet University's College of Art and Design participated in an Adobe Photoshop workshop sponsored by the San Francisco chapter of AIGA. The event looked into designing responsive websites utilizing Photoshop and Edge tools.

03 06, 2014

Design Students Glimpse at Hand-Made Contemporary Art

Students from Olivet University's Art and Design College received a literal and conceptual viewing of abstract paintings by artist Robin Kandel at San Francisco's Andrea Schwartz Gallery.

01 23, 2014

Engaging Social Issues Through Design

Olivet University design students will look to showcase their final projects this year, with the common theme of addressing social issues via design. By combining research, interface, typography, and design elements,

10 08, 2013

Students Learn to Be Fearless for Design

Students from the Olivet College of Art & Design College took part in a series of seminars presented by San Francisco's Museum of African Diaspora (MoAD) and Inneract Project. The Scholarly Voices services brought together scholars from around the world to speak on topics of

08 28, 2013

Students Learn UX Design, More Than You Think

The UX 2013 conference last week in San Francisco indicated a growing need and popularity of the user interface design profession in the IT industry. Students from Olivet's Design and IT college attended the international event as it brought together some of the industry's top talent and influential representatives to speak on current trends.

07 05, 2013

Designers Exhibit Marketing Tactics with Posters

A hallway lined with graphic design posters showcased work from Olivet College of Art & Design designers at last week's exhibit. Students from the college collaborated on designing a series of posters and marketing materials to promote various organizations' events.

06 17, 2013

Former Nike Design Director Inspires OCAD Students

Olivet University design students gathered to hear former Nike Design Director D'Wayne Edwards lecture on design and his journey through the industry.

06 06, 2013

Gridding It Out For Poster Designs

Design students in Olivet University's Graphic Design Composition, Space, and Scale studio class are preparing the final phases for their projects.