Olivet's Accounting Students Get Hands-On For Finals

03 20, 2014

Olivet's Accounting Students Get Hands-On For Finals

Olivet College of Business wrapped up its Managerial Accounting II class with final exam in the format of case study questions. The final exam featured cases from five corporations by providing some of their financial information to students. Read more

02 10, 2014

OCB Class Delves Into Social Responsibilities and Ethics

Olivet University's College of Business' strategy class delved into social responsibilities and ethics in strategic management. Professor Lisa Tolliver led the class to examine the relationship between business firms and society and presented issues in social responsibility and ethics.

12 27, 2013

OCB's Business Strategy Course Opening for Winter

Olivet College of Business will be offering its Business Strategy course for the 2014 Winter Quarter. The course focuses on analyzing and diagnosing business problems as well as developing and implementing effective strategic solutions.

11 07, 2013

Finance Course's Mid-Point Offers Challenges and Inspiration

Olivet University's MBA students involved with the the mid-point of the business college's finance class expressed their feelings as "being challenged and inspired." The course takes students into the deeper realm of financial accounting including theory and practice designed for use in real case scenarios.

09 12, 2013

Operations Management for Business Course Opening in Fall

Olivet College of Business will introduce a new course this Fall Semester for operations management. Taught by Dr. Neslihan Aydogan-Duda. The course will be an introduction to the concepts, principles, problems, and practices of operations management.

07 24, 2013

Summer Business Ministry Practice Goes Coast-to-Coast

Students from the Olivet College of Business (OCB) traveled to different cities this summer to fulfill their ministry practice requirements with Olivet University's affiliated business ministries.

07 16, 2013

What is Disruptive Innovation?

Disruptive Innovation is a concept coined by Clayton Christensen, a professor of Business Administration at the Harvard School of Business.

07 09, 2013

Basic Business Principles: How to Donate in a Tax Efficient way

There are many Christians who are engaged in business and seek to have a payoff not only in profits, but in the ability to support the work of the church.

06 25, 2013

Basic Business Principles: What is a US Trademark?

Please note that all information below pertains only to US-based businesses.

06 18, 2013

Basic Business Principles: What are Economies of Scale?

An Economy of Scale is a microeconomics term that describes the cost advantages that large companies have over smaller ones. By producing a higher quantity of product, companies are able to spread out their fixed costs over more units, and they can reduce variable costs by purchasing needed inputs in bulk.

06 11, 2013

Basic Business Principles: What is At-Will Employment?

At-will employment is a doctrine of American law that describes both an employer's and employee's ability to terminate an employment relationship at any time for any or no reason.

05 28, 2013

Basic Business Principles: Evaluating Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Startups

Entrepreneurs understand that there are always business opportunities around them. In fact, there are usually more opportunities than an entrepreneur can handle.