OSMC Enhances Storytelling for Video Journalism

02 13, 2015

OSMC Enhances Storytelling for Video Journalism

With online media's rapidly changing and evolving field, practitioners are constantly learning the latest and greatest tools for video editing formats. Apps, software, and online tools are making video editing Read more

03 18, 2014

DC Students Gain Confidence from Public Speaking Lecture Series

Olivet University's School of Media and Communication Washington DC extension campus held a series of lectures on public speaking by Ms. Marilou Donahue during the Winter quarter. Students have gained much confidence in their abilities to speak in public.

12 10, 2013

Alumni Host Olivet Journalism Students to U.S. Capitol

Olivet School of Media and Communication students sought inspiration in a field trip to the U.S. Capitol and the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., hosted by Olivet alumni.

10 07, 2013

The Researcher's Journey, An OSMC Student's Reflection

Olivet students in the university's journalism program expect to experience a blend of professional practices with biblical vision and mission. In OSMC's 'Thesis Research and Methodology' course, students are learning how to prepare for their master theses.

08 02, 2013

Students Putting "International" into Journalism

International students from Olivet University's School of Media and Communication are seeking opportunities this summer to serve in the news and journalism industry. Through Olivet School of Media and Communication's internship program, international students can thrive in gaining experience while putting their foreign language skills to use.

02 24, 2013

Exploring Photography In-Depth for News Production

Visual media is gaining more and more importance in the journalism field. Students at the Olivet University College of Journalism have been putting classroom knowledge into practice.

08 31, 2012

Journalism Dean to Host Annual New Way Media Festival

Olivet College of Journalism dean Dr. David James Randolph will be hosting this year's New Way Media & Art Festival in Albany, California across from the Bay Bridge.

03 10, 2012

OCJ Broadcasting Project a Hit on Student Newsletter

The Olivet College of Journalism recently launched a program for students working in the broadcasting field. One of the side projects includes supporting the university's student newsletter, The Olive Leaf, with online video reporting.

02 11, 2012

Social Media Strategist Offers OCJ Workshops

The world of social media is here and journalists are more engaged than ever in utilizing media tools to report, monitor and communicate news. Olivet College of Journalism looks to make social media an integral part in its training of future journalists.

11 18, 2011

OU Joins 63rd Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society

Olivet University made its presence known this past week through its participation in the 63rd annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society.

02 15, 2011

Dr. David James Randolph Named Dean of OCJ

Dr. David James Randolph, who champions New Media in religion and education, has been named Dean of the Olivet College of Journalism (OCJ). He served as former president to Olivet University and made significant numbers of developments during his tenure such as accreditation status, enhanced learning resources, and expanded campus facilities.

01 24, 2011

Olivet Offers Video Production Experience for Journalism Students

The Olivet College of Journalism (OCJ) prepares for its workshop series on video broadcasting and editing. The workshops serve as a supplementary resource to OCJ’s existing media course which offers opportunities for students to utilize current social websites as a media outlet for content. The video workshop series includes a survey of the production pipeline along with hands on learning using editing software for both Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.