10 07, 2013

The Researcher's Journey, An OCJ Student's Reflection

Olivet students in the university's journalism program expect to experience a blend of professional practices with biblical vision and mission. In OCJ's 'Thesis Research and Methodology' course, students are learning how to prepare for their master theses.

09 25, 2013

OTCS Welcomes Dr. Susan Bubbers

Olivet Theological College & Seminary (OTCS) have some new faces in the faculty roster this fall quarter, including Rev. Dr. Susan Bubbers, who started to teach Spiritual Formation to the seminary students.

09 17, 2013

Doctoral Colloquium Successfully Concluded

The 2013 Doctoral Colloquium successfully concluded with a word of gratitude from Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies Co-President, Dr. William Wagner to the students on Sept 17th evening.

09 14, 2013

Olivet University Enters New Academic Year with 2013 Convocation

On September 13, 2013, Olivet University held its Fall 2013 Commencement service at 5 p.m. PST. The University's two-hour Convocation service was held in Olivet's San Francisco Chapel, which was filled with hymns of praise Friday evening as Dr. Merril Smoak, Dean of the Jubilee College of Music led the audience in song.

09 12, 2013

Olivet Begins Doctoral Colloquium, Honors Zinzendorf Legacy

The Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies commenced its annual event earlier this week attended by an international lineup of faculty and students. The weeklong event brings together presentations on dissertations, examinations ...

09 12, 2013

Operations Management for Business Course Opening in Fall

Olivet College of Business will introduce a new course this Fall Semester for operations management. Taught by Dr. Neslihan Aydogan-Duda. The course will be an introduction to the concepts, principles, problems, and practices of operations management.

09 12, 2013

OIT Presents Data Mining Course

Olivet University's institute of technology presents a new course for Fall 2013 on data mining, which makes possible the discovery of interesting and important patterns from large amounts of data.

08 28, 2013

Students Learn UX Design, More Than You Think

The UX 2013 conference last week in San Francisco indicated a growing need and popularity of the user interface design profession in the IT industry. Students from Olivet's Design and IT college attended the international event as it brought together some of the industry's top talent and influential representatives to speak on current trends.

08 22, 2013

D.Min. Candidates Entering "Crunch Time"

In sports, people use the term "crunch time" to describes the last minute turning point in the game that decides who wins and who loses. This August is "crunch time" for many D. Min. candidates who plan on completing their Foundation Papers and Project Proposals for this fall's Doctoral Colloquium and be on track for their paper reviews in the Spring quarter.

08 20, 2013

OIT Wraps Up Summer Coding Camp

IT and design Students collaborated on a one-month intensive coding camp this summer quarter in order to sharpen their front-end web development and creativity skills for fall. The Coding Camp collaboration was spearheaded by the college directors from Olivet University's Institute of Technology and Olivet College of Art & Design.

08 20, 2013

OTCS Professor Gives Lecture on History of Christianity in China

OTCS Dean, Dr. Donald Tinder, gave a lecture on the history of Christianity in China on Monday, Aug. 14 to a group of people who are scheduled to go to mainland China this coming autumn to teach in Chinese universities.

08 02, 2013

Students Putting "International" into Journalism

International students from Olivet University's College of Journalism are seeking opportunities this summer to serve in the news and journalism industry. Through Olivet College of Journalism's internship program, international students can thrive in gaining experience while putting their foreign language skills to use.