04 04, 2013

Olivet University Business College Library Revamp Underway

Olivet University's College of Business (OCB) is revamping its library to reflect the changing needs of students in how they use the facility as well as the recent curriculum development efforts.

03 19, 2013

Designing a Universal Language is 'Tough'

Olivet University's College of Art and Design, OCAD, students are tasked with developing an identity and communications system as part of their final project.

03 19, 2013

Olivet University Business College to Offer Pro Workshop Series

As the Spring quarter approaches, Olivet University's College of Business (OCB) is planning a series of workshops led by Christian industry professionals to provide its students with diversified learning opportunities designed to enhance and enrich their educational experience in and out of traditional classroom environment.

03 12, 2013

IT Students Developing Anti-Plagiarism Software Project

Olivet University IT students are collaborating with the school's Research and Development department to begin an anti-plagiarism project through software development.

03 12, 2013

Tour fuses classroom and industry

Capitalizing on the proximity of diverse industry leaders, Olivet College of Design students were able to see the application of their craft through a guided tour of nearby design powerhouse as they close out the Winter Quarter this week.

03 09, 2013

Olivet University Art Students to Exhibit at Annual Show

Art students from Olivet University's Design College will have the opportunity to showcase work in this year's Christ Centered Art, CCA, show hosted at the Trinity Baptist Church in Livermore, CA.

03 09, 2013

JCM Spring Concert Scheduled for April, featuring Easter Music

The Spring Concert hosted by Olivet University's Jubilee Music College is scheduled for Monday, April 9th 7:00PM at the University Chapel.

03 01, 2013

OIT Experiences Googleplex, Modern Work Culture

A group of Olivet University IT Masters students took part in a tour of Google's headquarter campus, Googleplex, in Mountain View, CA.

02 24, 2013

Exploring Photography In-Depth for News Production

Visual media is gaining more and more importance in the journalism field. Students at the Olivet University College of Journalism have been putting classroom knowledge into practice.

02 15, 2013

Olivet Attends 66th ABHE Annual Meeting

Olivet University leaders made a strong presence this week at the 66th Annual Meeting of the Associations for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

02 15, 2013

Students Explore Social Media Business Models through Participating in R&D Projects

Ministry Practicum students from Olivet University's College of Business (OCB), are merging ideas and practice with the University's R&D department.

02 05, 2013

OCB Ethics Course: Faith, Values In and Out of the Workplace

Olivet University's College of Business delves into the ethical aspects of individuals and corporate decision-making in the marketplace with this quarter's Ethics and Responsibilities course.