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OBS Ministry Practicum Emphasizes on Servant Leadership in the Marketplace

May 18, 2016

Aspiring entrepreneurs from Olivet Business School had a deep discussion about servant leadership in the marketplace as their Ministry Practicum kicked off recently at the Manhattan, New York campus.

Ministry Practicum is one of the featured electives recommended for senior MBA students. Led by Dr. John Xiao, dean of Olivet Business School, the course aims to equip students with a thorough understanding of business planning techniques that transform invisible business ideas into viable enterprises.

Xiao highlighted the identity of a Christian businessman in the marketplace and urged students to have the right motive when conducting business.

“As a Christian CEO, you are called to lead your employees and business partners by serving them. Leadership is not about exercising your power and authority over people beneath you,” Xiao stated.

“Our Lord Jesus Christ is an explicit example of a true leader. Though he is the king of all kings, he has power and authority over all the earth, he has chosen to serve. A CEO is a servant leader,” he added.

Besides bringing servant leadership through one’s attitudes to the marketplace, a CEO should be competent within their formal duties and responsibilities in order to bring a team to success.

"You must develop your vision, philosophy and strategies. All these are essential in building a successful business venture," Xiao stressed. Students participated actively in the class and shared with each other their dreams and inspirations.

The class was concluded with the story of Evernote cofounder Phil Libin, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur to encourage students to have a humble attitude whenever they start up a business in the future.

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