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OSLE New TESOL Courses Popular Among Aspiring Missionaries

October 06, 2017

The Olivet School of Language and Education has introduced two TESOL Courses for the very first time this Fall. These courses have received positive feedback and become popular among students who aspire to be missionaries.

The two brand new TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) courses are TESL501 Introduction to Language and Language Learning and TESL502 Introduction to TESOL Methods, Materials and Assessment.

The former course is taught by Mr. Ken Larmon, who is a graduate of University of England with a master degree in Applied Linguistics. He has six years of experience teaching English in Chinese universities such as Dalian University of Technology. He was an ESL teacher in California before joining Olivet. His cross-cultural exposure in China enables him to better explain how language learning works to non-English speakers.

Mr. Charles Omer is the faculty for the other course. Omer is a familiar face at Olivet as he has been teaching ESL courses for a few quarters. But since he has recently earned his TESOL certificate from Arizona State University, he is ready to share his knowledge in teaching with graduate level students.

Most students enrolled in the two new TESOL courses are from the Master of Divinity program while a few come from journalism major and translation major.

“My passion is to share the Gospel with people from different cultures. As English is still the one language that connects most parts of the world, I think learning how to teach English professionally will help open new doors for me to do outreach in a cross-cultural context,” First Year M Div. student Hathaway Tang said.

OSLE has planned to introduce four more TESOL courses in the next two academic quarters. Upon completion of a total of six courses (including the two offered this quarter), students will receive a TESOL certificate from OSLE.

“This new TESOL course series is designed for students who hold a master’s degree in a discipline other than language education or applied linguistics and wish to gain professional preparation and training in teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language aboard ,” Dr. Jasmine Park, Dean of Olivet School of Language Education, explained.

The series is very streamlined with a total of 12 units. It covers theories of second language acquisition, instructional methodology and practical curriculum design.

“English language education has been used as a strategic mission tool to outreach people of all ages, especially in countries where evangelism is prohibited. Many Olivet students who aspire to be missionaries welcome this new TESOL training,” Park added.

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