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RS ESL Students Conclude the Winter Quarter Successfully

March 26, 2018

As ESL at OU Riverside is mostly through the Winter Quarter 2018, it takes the privilege of looking back at its actions during this time of study and work. It has been a tumultuous time with its own hardships and challenges, some unique, some not. Yet over it all, ESL has seen the guiding hand of the Lord at work in students' lives. While the main goal of ESL is to equip students to pass the TOEFL exam, it retained an intense interest on its walk with Christ.

ESL's vision at Olivet is to see our Lord Jesus Christ glorified in the students' hearts and actions, and the goals for ESL students reflected the same. Through this course, students will be able to share the gospel, fluently converse, and to be instructed in biblical doctrine in English.

To reach these goals, ESL teachers have implemented a variety of classroom activities in addition to traditional classroom instruction. Reading and study of the Bible; study of literary devices; special games designed to improve English comprehension and conversation skill; movies that bring our students into a deeper understanding of vernacular; field trips that immerse students into the culture; acting and pantomime to teach the students how to express themselves in English; and presentations to show others what they have learned.

In addition, the students have been able to converse together, write essays about topics they enjoy, and have been given a chance to teach the class subjects that they have mastered. They shared their testimonies together and grew together in a deeper knowledge of English and of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

May the Lord use all that the ESL students learnt in the English class in their future mission to spread the gospel and bring many to light.

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