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Theology Students Comprehend History from Genesis Lecture Series

November 27, 2018

Olivet Theological College & Seminary (OTCS) theology students comprehended the history of Genesis by examining the flow of history and the direction of God's Kingdom.

The lecture series looked at God's History with explorations into the book of Genesis chapters 1-9. Themes from the lectures stated that directions are from the Bible and that there are possibilities where we should not repeat the fallen history. Topics also included the history of disobedience where discords between God and man teaches us the importance of preserving the path of faith.

OTCS professor, Dr. Esther Kim, lectured on faith by stressing on importance in restoring our broken relationships. "We all have the image of God in us," said Dr. Kim. "God created all the creatures and put them under our control. We must recover the original image in order to rule over the earth with love."

Dr. Kim continued to point out that the way to restore the broken relationships is to accept the love of God, which is obedience. Accepting ourselves and our weaknesses can avoid comparisons between people. This way, the loving relationship between God and humanity can be recovered.

"Through the lecture about Adam and Cain, I could see their images within me," shared Dawn Li, an OTCS student. "Humans generally tend to put on a mask to cover their weaknesses and sins. They become righteous in their own eyes. When we begin comparing ourselves with others' weaknesses, we will eventually lose the heart of acceptance and mercy."

Another lecture from the Genesis series included chapters 6 to 9, about the path of Noah. This helped students to reflect on the fallen world and how the Bible describes its restoration.

"The judgement of Noah tells us how the evil world will end and how the original Eden will be recovered," shared Dr. Nga Wai Cheung.

"After the flood, God promised that He will never again destroy the land, which is such a good news. After World War I and World War II, many people were hopeless about humanity. However, the theology of hope reminded people about the dream of the Kingdom of God," added Dr. Cheung

Dr. Cheung continued to lecture on the book of Genesis and what to look at what Noah did in the Vineyard in order to cleanse himself and acknowledge our sins.

The history of personal salvation is inseparable with the historical salvation as Jesus Christ told Nicodemus that no one can ever see the coming of the Kingdom unless being born again. The way that we can open up our eyes to witness the historical recovery is to deeply experience our personal salvation and continue the path of sanctification like Noah.

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