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OIT Enriches Graduate and PhD Curricula with Trending Technologies Courses

July 30, 2020

New technologies are constantly reshaping our world in business, communication, science, healthcare and even education. To offer students the necessary knowledge to thrive in the increasingly competitive industry, the Curriculum Development Committee at Olivet Institute of Technology (OIT) recently reviewed and added two advanced courses in trending technologies.

The first course to be introduced is "Internet of Things." Internet of Things (IoT) technology commonly applies in smart devices such as smart homes, smart cars, smart cities, and so on. Adjunct professor Dr. Lawrence Todd, who has rich experience in IoT, will be teaching this course. Todd holds a PhD degree in education in instructional technology from Nova Southeastern University and a master's degree in computer information systems from Georgia State University. He is also an adjunct professor in computer science at Colorado State University, Ocean County College, and Saudi Electronic University.

The second advanced course is "Natural Language Processing" taught by Dr. Reza Sadoddin from Google Inc. Natural language processing is a study of how the computer can interpret human language and respond to it. Dr. Reza will cover a variety of topics including language model, word embedding, dependence parsing, recurrent neural network, machine translation, sequence model with attention, and question answering system. The course is designed as part of the data science and artificial intelligence track. Second-year graduate students and PhD students are welcome to join.

Both new courses will be available in Fall quarter. For course prerequisites and requirements, OIT students may check the course catalog or consult their academic advisors.

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