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Design Students Adopt New Learning Approach in Simulated Industry Setting

December 01, 2020

A few courses offered by Olivet School of Art and Design (OSAD) in the Fall quarter have adopted a new learning approach where design students are put in a simulated industry setting to acquire essential skills and produce work. Students have found the experience more challenging but acknowledged its effectiveness in preparing them for their career.

The 'Advanced Visual Design' course focuses on designing product packages. Students work on group projects to create various product packages according to certain needs and requirements given by the instructor who plays the role of a 'customer.' In order for the package design to be presented more professionally, students learn how to create 3D product mock-ups with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dimension.

Another course 'Brand Identity' also takes a similar direction. Branding is an important factor for a successful business. Students study about branding, style guide, and customer segmentation by doing instructor-led projects that simulate actual industry settings.

"The class walks through the entire workflow that started with understanding a business. By providing a simulated business environment, students engage in professional communication, problem-solving and teamwork - going way beyond designing. This approach brings them closer to the real world," professor Rodem Hwang said.

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