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Olivet Institute of Technology Faculty Attends European Conversational AI Summit

March 21, 2022

A team of faculty from Olivet Institute of Technology attended the European Conversational AI Summit in San Francisco. Since conversational AI is one of the key areas that OIT's Innovation Center heavily invested in for new projects, the team was able to engage in some meaningful conversations with other professionals in the summit.

The first day of the event featured keynote sessions including Alexa from Amazon, OpenDialog, conversational AI for customer service, and localizing chatbots.

"All keynotes are very insightful. They gave me many ideas on how conversational AI can be implemented in the travel booking platform that our Innovation Center is working on. It was great to meet the key players in this field," OIT Assistant Professor Thomas Kong said.

Members of the faculty also cherish the opportunity to talk with researchers from other institutions such as IBM, NVIDIA, Salesforce, University of Bradford and University of Glasgow.

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