Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023

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Olivet Institute of Technology Launched Biblical Conversational Project in Chat-GPT

January 02, 2023

Olivet Institute of Technology announced the launch of a Biblical Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) by utilizing the popular Chat-GPT model.

Chat-GPT, or chat-based generative pre-trained transformer models, recently brought great excitement to the tech industry. This conversational artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot is designed to carry conversations with users. According to an OpenAI summary of the language model, some of its features include answering follow-up questions, challenging incorrect premises, rejecting inappropriate queries, and even admitting its mistakes.

Researchers at the Olivet Institute of Technology quickly identified Chat-GPT's potential to engage in dialogues that deal with complex concepts in theology and biblical studies. They are glad to put the technology to test by deploying this conversational AI in a biblical domain. A demo video released by the researchers shows the chatbot receiving questions about the Christian faith, and replying to the end user with relevant bible verses and interpretations.

Olivet Institute of Technology commented that the new project is very promising. It is committed to researching and developing more technological applications to support the Christian community and its mission.

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