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University Holds Dedication Service for Information Technology Center

October 31, 2005

The oohs and ahs could be heard echoing through the attractive, spacious rooms as a group of Christian leaders joined Olivet University administrators and students for a tour of the renovated newly opened facilities that will house the Olivet University Center for Information Technology.

The guests arrived on the afternoon of October 15 to take part in dedication ceremonies for the center. Also honored were the 30 full-time professionals in information technology and graphic design selected to staff the research center, located on the main campus
of Olivet University in downtown San Francisco, CA.

Olivet University President Dr. David J. Jang was one of the keynote speakers, along with Dean of Olivet Theological College & Seminary (OTCS) Dr. William Wagner, and faculty member Dr. Raymond Tallman.

“The Center for Information Technology is the answer to many prayers,” said Jang. “God has allowed us to become the university that He can use preciously.”

The center will serve a myriad of research and development functions supporting the University’s core mission to equip men and women for Christian ministry in the 21st century. Its establishment reflects Olivet’s sensitivity to the importance of keeping pace with technology in order to accomplish this mission among today’s population of young men and woman, who comprise what has been termed the “Network Generation.”

“We hope to connect vast numbers of people with the Gospel message using the Internet tools we develop here,” said Chief Operating Officer Walker Tzeng speaking on behalf of the University’s administration. “ Olivet’s Center for Information Technology will also support Christian ministries and parachurch organizations with services that will extend the impact of their work, while strengthening communication among Christian bodies worldwide,” he added.

Organizers of the new venture at Olivet are exploring relationships with several worldwide Christian organizations interested in partnering with the University on major projects to digitalize their information systems.

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