Fly Jubilee Students Show Great Progress

Dec 05, 2018

The Fly Jubilee program offered by the Jubilee College of Music (JCM) is designed for students who are passionate about music but have limited or no music background.

Arts & Design

Design School Receives ABHE Approval for BA Fine Art Program

Dec 05, 2018

The Olivet School of Art & Design (OSAD) has recently received the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) approval for its new BA Fine Art program.


OSMC, Media Team to Provide Services for Missions

Nov 27, 2018

A new media team at Olivet University Riverside Campus is being formed in November.


Theology Students Comprehend History from Genesis Lecture Series

Nov 27, 2018

Olivet Theological College & Seminary (OTCS) theology students comprehended the history of Genesis by examining the flow of history and the direction of God's Kingdom.



Nov 27, 2018

Olivet University is pleased to share the following statement in response to the charges announced November 15, 2018 by the District Attorney's Office

Language Education

Language School's TESOL Program Receives BPPE Approval

Nov 27, 2018

The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program at the Olivet School of Language & Education (OSLE) recently received approval ...


Music Students Start Vocal Training, Lead Campus Choir

Nov 26, 2018

The Jubilee College of Music (JCM) began offering sessions on vocal training, warming ups to develop their basic exercises in abdominal breathing.


OBS Offers Important Law Courses from Next Quarter

Nov 26, 2018

The Olivet Business School (OBS) will teach some of its most important law courses to business students starting next winter quarter.


Cooperation Between OTCS and OIT in Building Theological Resource App

Nov 19, 2018

The Olivet Theological College & Seminary (OTCS) and Olivet Institute of Technology (OIT) directors recently held a preliminary meeting about building a new Theological and Biblical Resource App.


Doctoral Professors Engage Students with Colloquium Lectures

Nov 16, 2018

The Annual Doctoral Colloquium that kicked off second week of November, is the first scheduled special event to be held at the Olivet University...