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Language Education

Students Staying Well-Rounded for MATI Course

April 13, 2015

Olivet School of Language Education , OSLE, students are staying focused and prepared for this quarter’s Master of Arts in Translation & Interpretation courses. OSLE professor Francisco Park’s online course titled “Fundamentals of Interpretation” is designed to help students to learn the building blocks of interpreting, including analyzing, summarizing and paraphrasing, listening comprehension, shadowing, and note taking.

Students will look to stay well-rounded by balancing in-class training combined with spending at least 4 hours a day staying abreast of current events through reading newspapers and newsmagazines and watching news shows

Since interpreters must have extensive background knowledge on a wide array of issues ranging from international politics, economics, history to social and legal issues, students will be given various oral/aural and reading assignments for each class in order to broaden their horizons and expand general knowledge. Students can also expect to boost their oral proficiency and enhance their listening comprehension skills in a variety of topical domains. Professor Park’s course emphasizes that students must be thoroughly prepared with topics in mind in order to get the maximum benefit from his course.

Professor Park will provide constructive and summative feedback tailored to the students needs. In light of the fact that each student has his/her own strengths and weaknesses, particular attention will be paid to each one of the students’ potential since improving one’s non-native language and interpreting skills is a life-long task that requires one’s painstaking effort. Through this process it helps override concerns and can motivate students to be prepared for the long haul in their professional endeavor.

For more information about the MATI program, visit http://ocle.olivetuniversity.edu

Events / Calendar
  • Mar 11

    Registration begins

  • Mar 13

    Last day of classes

  • Mar 14

    Final exam period (March 14 - 20)

  • Mar 20

    Winter quarter ends

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