Sunday, Sep 20, 2020



OSMC to Hold Special Seminars on History of America and China

Aug 14, 2020

Olivet School of Media and Communication (OSMC) plans to hold a series of seminars on the history of the United States and China in August and September.


Media Students Study Communication Techniques in Workplace and Group Settings

May 04, 2020

Olivet School of Media and Communication (OSMC) launches the redesigned general education course "Speech and Communication" in the Spring quarter to help undergraduate students develop communication skills in public speaking, small group interaction, and interpersonal relationships.


Journalism Students Practice Audience Engagement on Social Media

Mar 11, 2020

In the social media management class, journalism students explore various ways to engage the audience on social media with ethical responsibility in mind.

Events / Calendar
  • Sep 21

    Fall quarter begins (first day of classes)

  • Sep 21

    Add/Drop course without charge begins

  • Sep 22