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Language Education

MATI Courses Expand into Spanish

June 17, 2015

Olivet School of Language Education (OSLE) offered MATI online courses for students from Spanish speaking regions and countries this past quarter.

At present, OSLE has courses in Korean, Chinese, Spanish and English for Master of Arts in Translation & Interpretation (MATI) students. Professor Francisco Park delivered lectures every week with different topics ranging from politics, economy, culture and religion.

Students preparing for mission work in Latin American countries received help and gained abundant skills in translation & Interpretation online. Luna Choi, a Korean student who planned to do mission in Brazil, shared that the MATI online courses strengthened her bilingual skills. Also, it helped her overcome many language barriers.

"I am very thankful for this precious opportunity to professionalize my language ability. Even though it sometimes feel exhausting to maintain multiple languages, I realized I should never give up because I know I am preparing for great mission works in the future," shared Choi.

The OSLE curriculum is designed to equip Christian missionary professionals with efficient language and communication skills. The techniques learned can facilitate cultural, scientific, and technical exchanges in cross-cultural and multinational settings.

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  • Mar 15

    Registration begins

  • Mar 16

    Last day of classes

  • Mar 17

    Final exam period (March 17 - 23)

  • Mar 23

    Winter quarter ends

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