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Language Education

Language Students Active in Summer Mission Program

June 25, 2015

Students from Olivet School of Language& Education, OSLE, are preparing to take part in a short-term mission trip this summer to further enhance their learning experiences at Olivet University.

Students will have the opportunity to work with partnered churches and ministries with a focus on language and communication. The short-term mission program will focus on evangelization as students collaborate with ministers in local campuses and cities.

It was designed to achieve key objectives of preaching the Words of God, learning discipleship skills, supporting long-term mission, and improving individual language speaking capabilities.

"I am eager to set my foot in the mission field and gain first-hand experience through local evangelization. My heart is ignited and I am expecting to bear fruits through this short-term mission program," shared OSLE student Amanda Zhang.

Zhang took part in past mission programs coordinated by OSLE, which helped develop confidence in communicating through another language as well as leadership skills. Summer allows for Olivet language students, such as Zhang, to visit different cities across the United States and develop networks with various ministry and church leaders.

Olivet University has been dedicated to training ministry-bound men and women as biblical scholars and leaders, and to equipping them with practical skills to preach the Gospel effectively. For international students, they gain a better understanding of culture through the summer travel and enhance conversational skills.

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