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MBA Students Learn Role of Financial Analysis in Making Effective Business Strategies

January 11, 2016

Financial analysis is critical in creating effective business strategies and tracking success of firms. 

MBA Professor Lisa Tolliver highlighted this in a special lecture this week at Olivet Business School in New York City. The financial analysis class helps MBA students develop the ability to form a deep association between financial metrics and business strategy and decisions so that they can make effective business plans.

Tolliver presented some practical financial analysis cases, through which she demonstrated how to review historical income statements and balance sheets, how to compare historical statements over time, as well as how to calculate changes that occur in individual categories form year to year.

She also illustrated financial ratio analysis methods and formulas that would indicate a firm’s profitability and guided students through practical issues on how to evaluate their business.

“The class really made an impact on me and made me realize how much I actually need it, given the current project I am working on and for further personal development,” said Jenny Gong, a student from South Africa.

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