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Advanced Digital Imaging Class Opens to Art Students

April 19, 2016

Olivet School of Art & Design opened a new course, Advanced Digital Imaging, that will give students the skills to produce creative and conceptual visuals.

Students taking the course this quarter indicated that they want to apply those skills in their future professions as web designers, photographers and editors, as well as in ministry works to spread the Gospel.

Advanced Digital Imaging, which is being offered to both onsite students at Olivet University’s Riverside campus and online students, is being led by Hudson Tsuei, a professional photographer and artist from Bay area, California. 

“This class will teach you how to edit photos and you will become the camera who brings out beautiful pictures,” Tsuei said. “Remember, PS (Photoshop) works for you, not you work for PS. You will find more possibilities to retouch a picture.”

Students will learn Adobe Photoshop CC, including photo editing and digital montage. The course will also cover how to create a digital archive for organizing and filing photos using Adobe Lightroom CC. Additionally, students will experiment with various images to form one picture.

Events / Calendar
  • May 27

    Memorial Day (holiday)

  • Jun 03

    Registration begins

  • Jun 07

    Last day of classes

  • Jun 10

    Final exam period

  • Jun 14

    Spring quarter ends