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Olivet Business Graduates Found Baby Care Product Start-Up

July 09, 2016

A team of Olivet Business School graduates has realized their dreams of entrepreneurship as they founded a baby care product start-up recently in New York City.

Within every industry, there are always entrepreneurs ready, willing and able to fill the niches not currently being served to their fullest capacity. One OBS graduate got the idea of inventing a new baby care product line as she heard her friend complained about not being able to clear her infant’s congested nose by using the most common nasal aspirator. Her friend spent hours searching through different stores and finally discovered an electrical version that would do the job. However, that product was very costly due to limited supply.

Being aware of this particular niche, a team of OBS graduates conducted a market research and made a business plan for the start-up. The vision is to provide a series of medical devices tailor-made for infants with the most innovative technology and artistic touch.

The team is excited about the perspective of their new business.

“We see the room in the marketplace for this product, as well as the potential for growth in expanding the product line and increasing sales,” a team member said, “We are confident about our competitive edge. We anticipate that consumers will respond positively to the availability of this unique, innovative, and practical alternative for infants.”

The start-up now focuses on building a global level of brand recognition and trust within the baby care product market. The team also plans to acquire superior quality products from manufacturers around the world and add value to these products through branding, re-design, and exceptional customer service.

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