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OTCS Reading Program Enriches Campus Life in Summer

August 04, 2016

Every Thursday evening, book lovers from Olivet Theological College & Seminary gather for sharing as each of them pick up the challenge of reading one book per week this summer.

The reading program aims to encourage self-study during the summer quarter when students are less busy with their classes. Many have signed up and made their summer must-read list which consists of theology or Christian classics.

During the weekly sharing session, which is moderated by volunteer faculty members at OTCS, participants share insights, ideas and reflections from reading the book.

“I was deeply touched by the heart of repentance of St. Augustine of Hippo,” said Jingjing Cai, who recently read the Christian classic Confessions, “When he truly repented from deep within his soul, his heart began to praise the Lord. To me, this is a new realization about repentance.”

Samuel Li felt his passion for evangelism was revived after reading The Fire Sermon by Rev. Reinhard Bonnke. The German evangelist Bonnke is known for his gospel crusades throughout the continent of Africa. Numerous people in Africa turned to Christ by attending these crusades.

“I can see the power of the Holy Spirit working through Boonke. Only by the power of Holy Spirit, hearts of men will change and receive salvation,” Li said. Li was thankful that the book has reminded him to have the right focus when saving souls.

The reading program has started on the second week of July. It will continue for 10 weeks before the Fall quarter begins.

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