Friday, Dec 14, 2018


Olivet University Greets New Academic Year, Holds Fall Convocation Services

September 23, 2017

On September 22, 2017, Olivet University students, staff and faculty from Riverside, Dover and San Francisco campuses participated in the Fall 2017 Convocation respectively to welcome the new academic year and dedicate it to the Lord.

President Dr. Tracy Davis delivered the welcome address in Dover, Dr. Matthias Gebhardt greeted students in Riverside, and Dr. Walker Tzeng welcomed students in San Francisco. Attendants received much grace and were able to build identity and unite in one heart.

In her address, President Dr. Tracy Davis shared about the history and inspirational vision of Olivet University, passionately urging the congregation in Dover campus to hold on to the blessing of God as she compared the two modes of the life of Jacob and Esau.

Each convocation service was overflowing with the grace from above as respective congregations, including new incoming OU students, look forward to a new academic year with the hope of knowing God more while being equipped to carry their commission effectively.

May the blessings of God overflow in Olivet University during this new academic year of 2017-18, that many fruits will be bore for His glory across this year.

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