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JCM Celebrates Christmas Season With Country-Wide Music Showcases

December 29, 2017

Students and alumni of Jubilee College of Music celebrated Christmas with a multitude of music activities across the continent this year. It is a season to reflect on the love of God in sending forth His one and only son, Jesus Christ, for humanity. Through praise and worship, in contemporary styles of versatile performance, believers can express their deep love and gratitude for the grace of God.

Riverside’s JCM looks forward to the its annual Jubilee Festival as Christmas approaches. Students are divided into groups and audition to the music faculty before showcasing their performances in singing, dancing, playing instruments, and drama. 

Jubilee students in New York will participate in a Christmas retreat at Olivet’s Dover campus. The retreat will feature praise sessions, which has been planned one month ahead. Performances will include choir, dance, solos, instrumental work, graceful skits and more. 

Jubilee also plans to hold a separate concert at Olivet’s San Francisco campus, which includes a worship band consisting of guitar, bass guitar players, a drummer, singers, and a pianist. 

JCM  prays for its participants country-wide and ongoing Christmas celebration. The participants hope that the unconditional love of Christ, in His humble birth and cross in this Christmas season can be expressed through their performances.

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