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ESL Night Show Held in Riverside Campus

June 02, 2018

Concluding the Spring Quarter, ESL students held a wonderful ESL Night with graceful performances on at the Riverside Campus.

As a tradition for the Olivet School of Language and Education, the ESL Night provides an opportunity for students to showcase their improved English skills and talents after a quarter’s worth of study. 

Highlights from the show included students performing two drama skits.  They would prepare, write the script, and arrange costumes and props per each skit. 

The skits were are all related with Bible verses and stories as students presented through singing, skits, dancing, and poems which testified the improvement of their English pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and speaking. 

At the end of the event, students shared about the grace they received throughout the quarter with joy and tears. 

Some reflected on the preparation for the event.  

"There are many hardships to prepare for the skits in the beginning,” shared ESL student Jane Zhang.  

“There are times of feeling truly wanting to give up, however, through prayers I felt that God wants us to be united and serve each other with a shepherd's heart. God wants to shower us with great blessing through the performances. It was the Holy Spirit work that led us until the end to make the skits a success," added Zhang.

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    Final exam period (December 11 - 15)

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