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OSMC Hosts Professional Development Session on Communications

August 07, 2018

The Olivet School of Media and Communication (OSMC) hosted a workshop on marketing and communications for academic staff at Riverside main campus.

The workshop invited staff representatives from Olivet Schools and administrative departments. The purposes of the workshop were to revisit the importance of websites and social media in student recruitment, formulating a strategic marketing and communications plan. Olivet continually seeks to explore new ways in utilizing various tools for social media and enhancing its websites.

Through this workshop, participants received training in news publications and basic journalistic practices. Following the expert-tested strategies for social media marketing, each participant was advised to identify their audience and follow hot topics in their respective fields for engaging in meaningful conversations on social media platforms. The content created on different social media channels should be audience-orientated and purpose-driven. In this way, Olivet schools can build up their brand and set a consistent tone in the public sphere.

The workshop introduced a few social media updating tools. By using these applications, participants and staff were able to create social media graphics and update posts more efficiently. OSMC plans to hold future professional development seminars for Olivet staff.

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