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Music Students Participate in Jubilee Summer Internship

August 13, 2018

Students from Jubilee College of Music (JCM) are participating in a summer internship program sponsored by The Jubilee World ministry in St. Louis, MO. Programs offered to intern students are aimed to help improve their music skills and basic foundations by participating in worship music performances.

Music students interning have to audition in order to hone their musical techniques in piano, guitar, and singing. Through the hours of practice, they can understand more about the roles they play as musicians in the music ministry.

"By performing and receiving critiques, we are able to catch weaknesses in rhythm and overcome them with more rigorous practice," shared Moses Feng, an intern student.

"It is very grateful feeling, knowing that I can study music in an amazing city like St. Louis. The lessons from teachers are helping me to improve my guitar skills," added Feng.

The two-month Jubilee Summer Internship program will end mid September. Jubilee's program looks to offer students with useful and practical experiences to excel in their music career.

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