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Welcomes New Students to Main Campus

September 26, 2018

The Olivet Theological College and Seminary (OTCS) held its orientation night for new theology students who arrived at the Riverside main campus.

The orientation started with a warm welcome from the program director followed by a presentation on the program offerings at OTCS, namely Bachelor of Theology, Master of Divinity program with various options of double majoring and joint degree programs.

"It is an overwhelming experience to be a part of Olivet University. I am overly excited because it is a place where people from diverse cultural background come together as a body of Christ to learn, receive and equip the vast knowledge of God through theological studies," Master of Divinity freshman Nitin Dahiya said.

A few OTCS professors took the opportunity to orient students on academic expectations. They shared overviews of the upcoming course syllabi and materials needed for the coming Fall quarter.

"OTCS orientation is a good time for faculty and students, especially new students to meet their peers and professors. We hope to begin and have a fruitful academic year," reflected Dr. Nga Wai Cheung, a faculty of OTCS.

The orientation ended with a campus tour at each respective location.

Events / Calendar
  • Dec 13

    Last day of classes

  • Dec 14

    Final exam period (December 14 - 17)

  • Dec 17

    Fall quarter ends