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OIT Launching Mobile Apps for Christians

October 22, 2018

Students and faculty members from the Olivet Institute of Technology (OIT) have begun launching mobile applications, developed to support Christian ministries and churches.

The collaborative project, which began earlier this year, resulted in the beta release of an app called "iChurchLife." It made its launch debut this month and offer users access to recorded sermons, and write and share reflections with other members from their church.

Through this app, any church can manage its activities, event news, bible studies, and other resources all on their mobile devices. The app even has a function to help church members memorize Bible verses.

Another app that the school will launch later this year is "Event I/O." It is mainly to support users who plan on hosting Christian events, meetings, and gatherings. It allows the event's attendees to view the list of agenda events, customize event schedules, navigate interactive venue maps, and receive real-time notifications from the event.

Both apps are cross-platform, meaning they can run on iOS and Android devices.

"Through their learning and practical application, OIT students were able to successfully launch their app ChurchLife," said Thomas Kong, OIT program director.

"They anticipate to launch the next app "Event IO" and are excited that their project can help members of a church to stay updated."

OIT aims at developing better technologies in order to build a strong Christian IT platform that can enhance education in and out of the classroom.

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