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OSMC Plans for New Video and Photography Program

November 07, 2018

The Olivet School of Media and Communication (OSMC) plans to create a new journalism degree program that specializes in photography and video production. The exact program name is yet to be determined. As information is overflowing and flowing much faster in this era, effective visual storytelling is an important skill set to capture people's attention and bring the message across.

OSMC is working on the framework of a curriculum that emphasizes both fundamental knowledge and practical training. The goal is to complete the curriculum design and initiate the approval process by the end of the year.

Before the new program in photography and video production is officially launched, two new courses "Audio and Video Production" and "Multimedia Journalism" will be introduced in Winter 2019. In preparation for these courses, OSMC will acquire the latest professional equipment that students can train on and produce work.

The proposed program will usher in an additional medium where students can expand their journalistic skills. Its video and photography courses will complement with OSMC's social media, writing, and broadcasting courses.

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