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Fly Jubilee Students Show Great Progress

December 05, 2018

The Fly Jubilee program offered by the Jubilee College of Music (JCM) is designed for students who are passionate about music but have limited or no music background.

The program allows current music students to participate in campus life enrichment by teaching basic musicianship and musical instrumental lessons to non-music students.

"Through the program, music students have an opportunity to practice teaching and help non-professionals learn the basics," said Casey Lai, a Fly Jubilee program manager.

This quarter, students are taking music theory, piano, and guitar classes. In mid- October, during a tentative 10-day training session, the program received many students with different musical levels and backgrounds. For proper guidance, they were divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels based on their musical understanding.

"It is fun and exciting to meet students with passion," said Jerry Park, a guitar class instructor. "I am impressed to see how quickly the beginners are picking up their basic musicianship. I no longer spend time on basics but can focus on teaching guitar skills." The intermediate group focused on mastering piano notes and chords for one song every week; the advanced group concentrated on memorizing popular chord progressions that can be applied to different songs.

On Sunday evening, JCM organized a mini concert where Fly Jubilee students showcase their musical progress. The concert featured solo piano pieces, group ensembles, and piano accompaniments for singers.

"It was a joyful and delightful concert," said Lai. "We're very hopeful for the new Jubilee program and hope that it will continue to provide quality instruction to add musical enrichment to campus life."

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