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Featured Courses Up for Winter 2019 Enrollment at OSMC

December 05, 2018

New and exciting courses will be offered at Olivet School of Media and Communication (OSMC) in Winter quarter 2019.

The "Audio and Video Production" course is a new required course for both graduate and undergraduate journalism students. It introduces the basic techniques of producing high-quality videos with DSLR or mirrorless cameras. Students will be using professional equipment that the school provides through a lease program.

"The 'Audio and Video Production' course is newly designed and introduced in our curriculum. Over the past few years, we have realized the need for journalism students to establish a solid foundation in visual storytelling. Other than coming up with great story concepts and ideas, technical skills such as how to use cameras, lighting and audio equipment are just as important because the proper use of technology makes your message more appealing and therefore enhances its effectiveness," said OSMC Program Director Eunice Or.

During the class, students will be working in a team to produce short videos throughout the quarter. After completing this course, students are eligible to take the next required course "Multimedia Storytelling", in which they will produce digital multimedia stories that combine texts with photos, audio, videos, and infographics.

At the graduate level, another course "Newsroom Management" is up for enrollment. The course explores the role and responsibilities of an editor in the newsroom and issues of management. Topics include advanced editing, ethical issues, leadership, teamwork, and decision-making.

Winter quarter 2019 enrollment begins on December 3. December 21 is the last day to register before the late fee applies.

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