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Music Students Use Transcribing Software to Learn New Songs

February 05, 2019

The Contemporary Praise and Worship Songs course is a master-level seminar that teaches new Christian songs to Jubilee College of Music (JCM) students.

JCM’s new course utilizes software such as MuseScore to practice transcribing music. The open-source software allows students to create quality scores with a mixer and playback the audio in producing various kinds of prints.

"Students in this class will learn how to write music accurately of what they listen to or think of while transcribing music," the course instructor Dr. Emily Ko shared. "The use of software programs not only simplifies this task but also allows for clearer expression and more musical planning in adding harmony or band orchestration by creating interactive digital sheet music."

MuseScore supports unlimited staves, linked parts, and part extraction, tablature, MIDI input and output, percussion notation, automatic transposition, lyrics (multiple verses), chords text, fretboard diagrams, and in general everything commonly used in contemporary and traditional worship music scores.

Dr. Ko said that this class will train students to know the basic foundation and essential elements in producing and delivering their original music.

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