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"My OU Story" Video Production Continues, Students Receive Hands-on Training

March 04, 2019

Students at Olivet School of Media and Communication (OSMC) received hands-on videography training, lighting, and audio recording while filming a new episode of “My OU Story” as part of their video production class project. The filming started last week under the guidance of video production class instructor Edwin Tsuei. Since camera and lighting team members have worked on the storyboard and location scout during the pre-production stage, the actual shoot can be more efficiently done.

The camera crew takes charge of finding the right angle and directing the overall shoots. The lighting team decides the lighting style and sets up the lights based on the requirement of the location. The sound unit handles the microphone and recorder. Upon the “click” of the clapperboard, everyone goes into action and synchronizes with one another. Instructor Tsuei is on location with the team to provide assistance and advice as necessary.

For some of the students, this is the very first time they participated in a video production. Students share that it turns out to be a very challenging yet rewarding experience. By participating in the entire production process, students come to appreciate the art of visual storytelling. While students are gradually growing in various skills, they have to put in hard work in pursuing excellence in that chosen craft.

“It's a fresh experience for me to participate in the ‘My OU Story’ video production,” graduate student Hannah Gong said. “I’m excited to learn everything about shooting videos on locations. It's a creative process to bring a message to life with through audio-visual. Besides the complicated steps of assembling camera equipment, I have learned how light and composition plays a huge role in storytelling. I’m looking forward to the last phase of editing which will give all the footages and audio a new life.”

“My OU Story” is a short video series featuring current student experiences at Olivet University (OU). Its purpose is to witness God’s work on transforming and equipping ministry-bound men and women through education at OU. A new episode is scheduled to be released by the end of Winter quarter.

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