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OSMC Spring Quarter New Course Offerings Confirmed

March 12, 2019

Olivet School of Media and Communication (OSMC) is preparing its new course offerings for the Spring quarter. Multimedia Storytelling and Journalism Capstone are two featured courses among others.

Multimedia Storytelling is a continuation of the the Fundamentals of Multimedia Journalism course offered in Winter. The latter course has provided background on new forms of digital journalism, including multimedia elements such as photo, audio, video, and graphics. The focus of the new Multimedia Storytelling course would be integrating all these media elements to create stories for digital publishing. The curriculum is designed to be student-orientated and uses project-based learning.

“In the new media world where many different screens are completing for audience eyeballs 24/7, publishers must take a ‘reach the news consumers wherever they are’ approach to provide information and content,” OSMC program director Eunice Or said. She explained, “The medium is the message. Presentation of information on different platforms will obviously be different and so will the content. That is why aspiring journalists must be trained to have a multimedia mindset and be equipped with multimedia production capabilities.”

The other featured course in Spring is Journalism Capstone. It is part of the graduation requirements for journalism graduate students. Students will pick a topic of interest to investigate and produce a publishable journalistic piece. The presentation can be one of the followings:

• Long-Form Narrative - A series based on extensive reporting, research and interviews, that is suitable for publishing

• Multimedia - A publishable series that includes multimedia elements such as original video, audio, photos, and graphics

The project should demonstrate the student’s mastery of media skills and commitment to journalism ethics and principles.

Students can register for the Spring quarter from now until Friday, March 22.

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