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MAIT's Capstone Project Developing Students for Future Ministry

April 03, 2019

Olivet Institute of Technology’s Master of Arts in Information Technology (MAIT) students from Riverside main campus are focusing on their capstone project, which they will continue to develop into the 2019 Spring quarter.

The capstone project is the final requirement of OIT’s MAIT degree offered by Olivet University (OU). It serves as a major project that represents the culmination student learning from their Master's coursework. It is then applied toward a project of their own interest. The goal of the project is for students to synthesize, integrate and apply skills and competencies they have acquired into a real-world IT issue-topic of their choosing.

Each week, IT students meet with their capstone advisers, submit their progress report, and receive feedback to improve their project. Currently, OIT students are working on diverse topics like effective and high-performance distributed web crawler at large scale, iOS apps and data management systems built on Django and MongoDB.

Events / Calendar
  • Mar 15

    Registration begins

  • Mar 16

    Last day of classes

  • Mar 17

    Final exam period (March 17 - 23)

  • Mar 23

    Winter quarter ends

  • Mar 26

    Last day to register without charge