Wednesday, Jul 24, 2019


PhD Students Explore Various Evangelism Strategies

May 02, 2019

Zinzendorf's Ph.D. program has been undergoing several improvements in its curriculum planning. One of them includes the addition of "Trends of Evangelism," a course instructed by Dr. William Wagner.

The course "Trends of Evangelism" is intended to help students understand the place of biblical evangelism in the modern secular world. In the class, students will explore the means of evangelism and attempt to define the best way to move forward in contemporary setting.

After attending the onsite course at the colloquium, students need to complete assignments related to evangelism. Some of them include writing a final paper on a study of evangelism and discipleship with a critical appraisal.

What stands out in the course is the requirement to let students complete two syllabi for two courses on evangelism and discipleship. The students taking the class are expected not only to master the strategies of evangelism and discipleship but also be able to teach others to evangelize and disciple others.

Events / Calendar
  • Aug 23

    Last day of classes

  • Aug 26

    Final exam period

  • Aug 30

    Summer quarter ends

  • Sep 03

    Grades due

  • Sep 06

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