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Seminary Students Empowered to Reach Network Generation

May 16, 2019

Riverside seminary students worked on a series of media projects to help prepare ministers to reach out to the network generation.

As part of the "Introduction to Web in Mission" course, students discussed about recent trends in social media and their effects on the current mission field.

Students also practiced using Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Canva to create contents for photo and video projects. Students have produced more than 50 Christian images and videos.

"This course is practical and helpful. One useful skill I learned was how to add captions and subtitles for translating video sermons. It is going to help me in reaching out to many people through media," said Rachel Vu, an undergrad currently enrolled in the theology program.

The class addresses the need for Christian ministers to receive training in media skills.

"Olivet students are not just trained in writing papers but also in creating media that will win the hearts and minds of this generation. 'Introduction to Web in Mission' is one such offering that helps students reach people quickly in the era of social media," said Dr. Rachael Mak, OTCS assistant professor.

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