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New Episode of My OU Story in Filming Stage

May 23, 2019

Olivet School of Media and Communication (OSMC) students at Riverside main campus are producing a new episode of My OU Story. The three-minute video will feature the journey of a Master of Divinity graduate Lisa Lin in finding her calling in Christian child education.

The first filming started last week at a where Lin leads a group of elementary school children on a variety group activities as part of her ministry practicum. OSMC instructor Edwin Tsuei led a team of university students, enrolled in the media journalism course, to document the interaction between Lin and the children.

Lin and the elementary children went hiking and playing by the lake. Then they came back to the classroom to observe the samples gathered from nature and write in their journals.

These outdoor and indoor shoots require advanced photography and lighting skills. OSMC students not only practice what they have learned in the classroom but also acquire some new techniques by improvising on the field creatively. "Compared to the prior episode of My OU Story, this new project is more challenging as it involves many kids and more diverse scenes. However, it is also when our skills are being put into the test. It helps us advance to the next level," said instructor Tsuei.

Prior to filming, OSMC students and instructor Tsuei had taken a few weeks to interview and research the subjects, write the script, storyboard, and scout the suitable shoot locations. The pre-production process makes sure that every member of the production team can visualize the final result and have a common action plan in mind.

The filming is expected to be completed by the end of the quarter.

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