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Seminary Student Builds Ministry Experience in M.Div. Program

May 30, 2019

Seminary student Caiju Zhu is glad she chose to pursue her Master of Divinity Program at Olivet Theological College and Seminary (OTCS). During the 4-year journey, she has been empowered by the opportunity in her academic study and internship.

Zhu, who was born in Mainland China, made a life-changing decision to study at Olivet University (OU) by overcoming challenges at home. "Before coming to the United States of America, my belief and ministry had come to a bottleneck. It was difficult to break through. I was in a dull state. I wanted to change, but I did not find a way out, neither did I have the power to change it," said Zhu.

The holistic education of balancing academic study with ministry, trained students to draw closer towards the realization of the Kingdom of God. "I am strengthened through the program and feel God's kingdom is full of hope," Zhu reflected.

Reflecting on how the marketplace ministry is benefiting her growth while working in a ministry, Zhu spoke of its goal setting culture. "In the marketplace ministry, I've been taught to set clear goals and to try and achieve them everyday," said Zhu. "Even if it's a small goal, each step draws me closer to accomplishing my set task. If there is no achievement, then there can be specific reasons. Generally for me, my goals are not achieved due to a lack of understanding and/or ignorance. I'm glad to have learned how to identify these setbacks."

"I believe these experiences will benefit my future work as a missionary by helping me understand my role and develop good qualities as a leader. I am ready to give my best, and at the same time, completely rely on God," Zhu concluded.

The OTCS M.Div. program believes that ministers who are confined in their limitations can overcome it through a balance of academic studies and ministry internships. The program was established to make a difference in developing the the lives of ministers and preparing them to be ready for today's challenges.

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