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OIT to Host Summer Coding Camp

June 05, 2019

Olivet Institute of Technology (OIT) in San Francisco Mill Valley's campus is planning to host a summer coding camp this Mid July until Mid August.

The camp welcomes OIT graduates and alumni from all over the world. It will focus on intensive training by technology experts from Olivet University (OU).

The camp is inspired by normal practice of hack forums where developers gather together to build teams, focus on projects, and finish them within a short period of time.

OIT is utilizing the format to challenge students on improving what they learned in the classroom and applying it into real-world projects.

Projects like Java programming, Python programming for data science, iOS development, and machine learning will be covered in the camp. Labs to carry out project works are prepared for the participants to receive training in practical coding.

"It is a good opportunity to push students to get their hands dirty by practicing what they learn in theory and implement them," OIT Assistant Professor Yong Zhao said. "The camp is expected to ignite their passion and bring forth some amazing results."

Students interested in attending the camp can contact their School Director or visit the OIT website for contact information.

Events / Calendar
  • Feb 20

    President's Day

  • Mar 13

    Registration begins

  • Mar 15

    Last day of classes