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JCM Hosts Student Graduation Concert

June 12, 2019

Master of Arts (MA) student Dawn Li from the Jubilee College of Music (JCM) in Riverside main campus presented her graduation concert last week. The program requires all graduate students to take the Master's Project course that concludes with a student concert.

Li opened the concert with an inspirational video, then led a ten praise songs with worship band accompaniment. She had a choir song in collaboration with fellow students and a piano solo. In the end, Li presented a video showing her campus life at Olivet University (OU) Riverside which also included her testimony.

"I felt the concert was filled with God's grace! I wish to thank all of the people who helped me!" said Li. "Everyone's support and encouragement filled my heart. I had no ability but through the praise I received strength from God. I cherished every moment and desire to praise Him through my life and music."

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