Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019


New Testament II Students Gain Insights on Pauline Epistles

June 12, 2019

Olivet Theological College and Seminary's (OTCS) New Testament II course concluded successfully in Riverside main campus. After 10 weeks of study, students gained new insights on Pauline epistles and understood the Bible more deeply.

With a critical viewpoint, students analyzed Paul and his epistles. They could see how God prepared Apostle Paul from his birth, family, education background and how God trained him to expand missions. The Holy Spirit has revealed the truth in the epistles, which also are testimonials of the apostle's life.

"From the study of Paul's epistles, we can see how Paul dealt with conflicts, false teachings, persecution and other challenges he faced," said class instructor Dr. Anna Fu. "By studying these, students were able to understand each epistles' background and gained wisdom on how to apply it in their daily life and ministry."

The course offers a clearer understanding of Paul's epistles through the lectures. The information is meant to provide inspiration for students who plan to pursue missions in the future.

"I feel Paul's life comes real in my life when I see how God prepared and led me even in my weaknesses," said Wenling Wang, one of the students in the class.

Students will prepare for the course's final exam in the coming week.

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