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OSMC Riverside Student Went to Washington D.C. for Ministry Internship

July 19, 2019

One student from Olivet School of Media and Communication (OSMC) Riverside campus has arrived at Washington D.C. for ministry internship.

Second-year graduate student Sarah Murugan has been studying journalism at Riverside campus since Fall 2017. She was trained in basic media skills such as news writing, editing, social media, photography, and videography from OSMC's courses. She has become the editor of the school's news services, where she was able to gain practical experience in editorial management. She also helped with Olivet University's social media updates and main website updates under the supervision of the communication department director. Since Sarah has studied most courses at Riverside campus, she is ready to complete her ministry internship and journalism capstone courses in Washington D.C.

"During my stay in Olivet University Riverside as a media student, I had an opportunity to apply what I learned in the ministries that I served. The teachers in Riverside helped me and laid a strong foundation of news and photography in me. It was time for me to apply these in a larger scale. God, in His time, has led me to our media school in Washington D.C. to receive further training in the field and grow as a good Christian reporter. I hope to work hard and be a person who can speak the truth and use the ministry to the fullest to reach many lost souls," said Sarah.

"We are very glad to send Sarah to Washington D.C. campus. In partnership with a Christian media ministry in Washington D.C., our journalism program is able to provide a unique internship experience for our students. I have great hope that God will continue to raise Sarah spiritually and professionally as she works in the field," said OSMC program director Eunice Or.

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