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OBS Students Attend "Blueprint for your Business" Seminar in Brooklyn

July 25, 2019

MBA students from Olivet Business School (OBS) attended a seminar titled "Blueprint for your Business" which was organized by the Brooklyn Library in association with Brooklyn Women's Business Center.

Nicole McCollum from Captivate Designs was the presenter of the seminar. She is a well-known and well-respected professional in the design, e-commerce, marketing and public relations fields in New York. She has worked with two presidential advisors and has a big following among the Fortune 500 in digital marketing. She is also a founder of a real estate school.

During the seminar, she shared profound insights based on her personal experience. She suggested the steps to launch successful marketing campaigns to generate leads, get sales, and have consistent cash flow.

Among all the messages and the technical details offered to the attendees, she emphasised on the end-target - the user who you want to reach. She said it best by quoting a famous saying, "Market to Everyone, Reach No One." Hence, understanding the target is the most important part.

Nicole reminded the attendees the fact that, "The first thing our clients usually ask us: Are you a professional?" She quickly answered her own question, "Yes we are PROFESSIONAL." She said that this question was so recurrent that she went as far as adding the word "professional" on the first page of her consulting website.

Many other messages transpired in the seminar, notably on how to behave at a business conference, the elevator pitch, the best software to analyze your online website and many others.

"The presenter used the limited time offered to her to give us many gems in the field," said one of the student attendees from OBS.

"It was a good opportunity to learn about how to do digital marketing to reach out to targeted people. Now this is a must-have skill in all areas of our work when living in this world of information," said an OBS staff organizer.

Sebastian Keita, another attendee from OBS said, "The seminar was good because of the numerous details easy to pass-by at first glance it gave its audience members. The more details, the better. I would like even more specific details about certain aspects of the software she used."

This is the second event of the three-part event series on "Digital Marketing for Educators & Entrepreneurs". The first seminar focused on "Integrated Marketing for EdTech" and the following week seminar will be about the leveling up of your online business with Google.

OBS students look forward to participating in the next seminar to gain practical insights in addition to classroom learning.

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