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Intensive Oil Painting Workshop Offered this Summer Quarter

July 25, 2019

Olivet School of Arts and Design (OSAD) began its summer intensive oil painting workshop from July 22.

Students from various majors signed up for the workshop and have started to attend the sessions from the first day. Some of the students have zero foundation in fine art paintings, while others have a basic understanding of the subject.

The workshop kicked off with an introduction of how to use and maintain the tools used for the oil painting. Professor Zimou Tan spent a good amount of time explaining everything that students should know about the subject and showed many examples of the possible outcome from the workshop. The students were very much interested and engaged with the subject matter quickly.

The workshop included lectures about the basic 5-value-system, usage of the value scale applied onto the subject, and how to handle oil paints to compose their first oil painting.

Many first time students did a good job with some special guidance from the teacher during their practice. All the students were able to capture and apply the 5-value-system to the object on their very first attempt.

Students were taught how to properly maintain their equipment to gain a much longer lifespan for their tools. Students were given assignments to watch introductory videos on certain basic topics in preparation for the next session.

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