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OIT Students Share Summer Coding Camp Experience

August 01, 2019

Olivet Institute of Technology has been hosting its summer long coding camp at Olivet University's Mill Valley campus in California to much delight from their engaged students.

The one-month summer camp gathered OIT faculty and students teach, learn, and practice coding in a collaborative environment. One of the goals from the camp is to enhance the technological communication and quicken the students' learning speed for class and ministry projects.

The coding camp is covering a variety of projects in web, mobile and machine learning. Active talks are being scheduled each week with different topics and technology tracks.

As the first half of the camp concludes, some of the students reflected on their experience in the camp so far.

"Coding camp provided me a chance to work directly with my teacher in iOS development course. We spent time together to work on Christian prayer mobile application and through this I learned about swift program language and Xcode,"said Jia Zhao.

"It was difficult for me to organize and store huge data in systems. To establish database and data warehouse to index, search and modify the data, proved challenging especially given the data was unstructured or in text files. By closely working with my professor during the coding camp, I was able to learn a lot about Python data management tools and frameworks,. This is really paving the way for me to do data mining in the future," said Nannan Zhao.

"Web crawling for huge data in real time can be a great challenge. The coding camp encourages me to talk with many people and get ideas. This helped me to set up real time distributed systems. I look forward to attend similar events organized by OIT," said Qiulin Wang.

Students are looking forward to the latter half of the summer coding camp with expectations to improve and share what they learned from one another.

Events / Calendar
  • Dec 04

    Registration begins

  • Dec 08

    Last day of classes

  • Dec 11

    Final exam period (December 11 - 15)

  • Dec 15

    Fall quarter ends

  • Dec 15

    Last day to register without charge

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