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OSAD Concludes Summer Intensive Oil Painting Workshop

August 08, 2019

Olivet School of Arts and Design (OSAD) Summer Intensive Oil Painting Workshop has concluded last Friday. Many students who had zero experience with oil painting were able to produce amazing portraits through this workshop.

Each day's workshop comprised of painting techniques fundamentals and intensive practice. The techniques included forming black and white to four colors pallets, getting used to the oil medium, and complex color mixing.

Students also learned how professionals compose artworks by using conceptualized methods. It opened their eyes to observe and appreciate artworks created at a master's level.

As students devote themselves to practicing the arts during workshops, they have grown to gain confidence and knowledge to create their first oil painting.

"Oil painting is the most supreme medium among traditional creative materials," said instructor Zimou Tan. "There are many ways to use the medium since they are flexible and long-lasting with beautiful results compared to other media."

OTCS student Lan Zhou has never done any type of art painting before. But after convincing herself to take the challenge, she signed up for the workshop.

"It was a bit nervous as first. I was anxious to do well but it was difficult without skills or experience," shared Zhou.

"After learning the basics step by step, I feel more confident as the workshop progressed and was amazed to be able to be painting when the session ended. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn oil painting this summer. I hope there will be many similar workshops offered by OSAD," added Zhou.

"Students did a good job in their first oil painting training. It will serve as a foundation for them to get into difficult subjects. The students did a very good job with their still life objects, specifically painting the transparency objects," said Zimou Tan.

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