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IT Capstone Students Present Web Crawler, App Development Projects

August 23, 2019

Olivet Institute of Technology (OIT) students who are pursuing their Master of Arts in Information Technology (MAIT) course presented their capstone project thesis last week.

The capstone project is the final requirement of the Master of Art in Information Technology degree offered by Olivet University. The Capstone is a major project or experience that represents the culmination of the degree and is an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge they acquire through Master's coursework to a project of their own interest. The goal is for students to synthesize, integrate, and apply the skills and competencies they have acquired, to a real-world IT problem of their choosing.

Some of the topics presented during the presentation include Effective and High-Performance Distributed Web Crawler at Large Scale, Design and Development of Daycare Application Backend, and Data Management System Based on Django and mongoDB.

IT student Micah Liu spoke on Effective and High-Performance Distributed Web Crawler at Large Scale. Web crawler or web search engines acquire large collections of pages for indexing and analysis. Liu explained that with the rise of cloud computing, the need and demand of distributed system have increased.

"Web crawling is challenging and is being constantly updated," said Liu.

"The design of a good crawler face many challenges, especially large scale web crawling, which involves crawling millions of web pages in an hour across hundreds or thousands of websites. Figuring out how to keep the entire crawler running smoothly and efficiently is a great challenge and learning experience," added Liu.

Other students such as Sally Wong presented on her project to develop and design an app for daycare and childcare. In this paper, Wong proposed a plan to design and develop the backend for daycare application using rails framework. The early stages of the application include analysis, database design, the general design and detailed design are included.

Students in the capstone project are expected to continue sharing updates and present findings as they work towards completion under the guidance of OIT faculty.

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